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Shuliy Machinery focuses on developing and producing dry ice machines. Our company was established in 2011, in more than ten years of operation, Shuliy Machinery has always adhered to the mission of “letting Chinese machines change every corner of the world”.

Shuliy focuses on manufacturing and developing dry ice machines, including dry ice making machines and dry ice blasting machines. We also provide professional dry ice storage boxes and liquid CO2 storage tanks for our customers. Our machines have won a high reputation from customers for their advanced technology, suitable price, great performance, and thoughtful after-sale services.

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Our R&D Ability

Our machines are optimized for all industrial and commercial applications

Dry ice machines are widely used in a variety of industry sectors including food refrigeration, healthcare, manufacturing cleaning and cooling, automotive cleaning and repair, printing and packaging cleaning, and stage special effects production.

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Who Are Using Our Dry Ice Machines?

Shuliy Machinery are very proud of shipping and installing 80 dry ice making machines worldwide. Shuliy helps them obtain high-quality dry ice pellets and blocks and efficient cleaning jobs for their dry ice plants and businesses.