Dry ice pelletizer and cleaning machine shipped to Poland successfully

Our client is an automotive repair and maintenance company based in Poland, that specializes in providing high-quality automotive repair services and focuses on environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. We are glad that he chose a dry ice pelletizer and cleaning machine from Shuliy Machinery.

What did our customer need?

The customer needed a dry ice pelletizer machine for cleaning raw materials for automotive parts and tools. In addition, they also needed a dry ice washing machine and wanted the machine to clean their cars in all directions.

Shuliy solution

We recommended our dry ice pellet machine, which can produce dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3 mm, to the customer, which meets their needs. At the same time, we customized our dry ice cleaning machine with both square and round nozzles, which can be selected and switched to meet the cleaning needs of different areas.

Technical parameters of dry ice machines

Dry ice pelletizer machine

  • Capacity: 40-50KG/H
  • Specification of dry ice granular: Φ3mm-Φ16mm
  • Power: 3kw
  • Weight: 195KG
  • Dimensions: 100×50×100cm

Dry ice cleaning machine

  • Capacity: 30kg
  • Adjustable dry ice dosage: 0-3kg/min
  • Air supply pressure range: 5-10bar
  • Compressed air flow requirement: 2-3m³/min
  • Weight: 65kg
dry ice blasting machine