SL-QX-40 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine

Dry ice cleaning & blasting machine is ideal equipment for various industries, especially for automobile and precision instruments.

SL-QX-40 is a small and entry-level dry ice cleaning machine for a wide range of applications. It is designed for customers trying it for the first time. The operator adjusts the parameters on the electronic screen, holds the nozzle to the area to be cleaned, and selects the right size of dry ice (various sizes from 1 mm to 3 mm), enabling the user to clean a wide range of stains.

dry ice cleaning machine

SL-QX-40 dry ice cleaning features

  • SL-QX-40 dry ice cleaning machine is designed for mobility and maneuverability.
  • Cleaning is done with dry ice pellets, leaving no wastewater, chemicals, or other cleaning agent residue after use.
  • Unique SL-QX nozzle technology removes virtually all dirt from a variety of surfaces. Since the cleaning method is non-abrasive, even the most sensitive surfaces can be cleaned without problems.
  • Without the use of solvents and dangerous chemicals, dry ice cleaning is safe for people and the environment.

Why dry ice blaster can realize the ideal cleaning effect?

The cleaning system of dry ice blaster machine: High-pressure air blasts dry ice pellets inside the machine to the object surface to be cleaned, utilizing the physical reflection of the temperature difference to separate the dirt from the object surface by the principle of different substances contracting at different speeds.(Dry ice pellets are the raw material for dry ice cleaning, if interested, this is the product for you: dry ice pellet machine)

When the dry ice pellets at -78℃ come into contact with the surface of the dirt, it will produce embrittlement and small explosions to make the dirt shrink and loosen. Then the dry ice pellets will instantly evaporate and expand hundreds of times, generating a strong force to quickly and thoroughly strip the dirt from the surface of the object. It will achieve the cleaning effect of fast, high efficiency, safety and energy saving. Dry ice cleaning is a common way of car maintenance, precision chemical instruments, and medical equipment cleaning.

SL-QX-40 dry ice blasting machine specification

Modelsingle tube
Capacity25 kg/h
Adjustable dry ice dosage0-1.8kg/min
Air supply pressure range5-10bar
Compressed air flow requirement1-12(m³/min)
Dimensions (L × W × H)1487.5px × 950px × 1687.5px
Power supply220-240VAC, 1ph (50/60HZ), 3amps
Equipment weight62kg

Accessories of dry ice blaster machine

soft tube for dry ice blasting machine

Genuine Shuliy hoses offer improved flexibility, bend radius, and flow.

Shuliy Machinery provides the perfect nozzles for various cleaning applications.

nozzles for dry ice blasting machine
accessories of dry ice cleaning machine

Anti-frostbite gloves and goggles for operators.

Customize SL-QX-40 dry ice cleaning machine for your needs

One customer from Poland chose the Shuliy dry ice cleaning machine for their automotive repair services business. After talking with the client, our sales manager decided to prepare two kinds to nozzles for his cleaner machine.

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