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SL-QX-80 Dry Ice Blasting Machine

SL-QX-80 is a professional grade dry ice blasting machine for many industries. It is a heavier body and higher capacity.

Shuliy SL-QX-80 is a more professional dry ice blasting machine, it is designed for the plants who needs larger capacity.

Dry ice blast machine cleaning effect

The cleaning effect of dry ice machine is excellent, it can provide clean, thorough and no residue cleaning effect, especially suitable for precision, sensitive or special requirements of surface treatment. Here are a few key features of dry ice cleaning effectiveness:

  • No residue, no damage: As dry ice sublimates and transforms directly into gas, it does not leave any excess material, so the cleaning process has no water and no chemical residue. Dry ice cleaning is very suitable for electronic components such as circuit boards, avoiding the risk of short circuits and corrosion.
  • Efficient and fast: dry ice cleaning can quickly complete the cleaning task. For example, in cleaning the car engine carbon, a valve about only 2 minutes, cleaning the cabin only 5 minutes, greatly improving the efficiency of the work.

Dry ice blasting machine for cars

Cost-effectiveness of dry ice blast machine

Operating costs are a key indicator in determining the economics of long-term dry ice machine use, and involve both dry ice consumption and electricity consumption.

Dry Ice Consumption: Flexibility in the design of the dry ice machine is critical. The dry ice blast machine has an adjustable capacity of 0-3.2kg/min, which means that users can precisely control the amount of dry ice used according to different cleaning tasks or production needs, avoiding waste of resources. Moreover, Shuliy dry ice blast machine utilizes the latest energy-saving technology to reduce power consumption.

industrial dry ice blasting machine
industrial dry ice blasting machine

Specification of commercial dry ice blasting machine for sale

TypeSingle tube type
Dry ice capacity36.4kg
Adjustable dry ice dosage0-3.2kg/min
Air supply pressure range5-10bar
Compressed air flow demand2-4m³/min
Equipment weight165kg
External dimensions (L × W × H)2025px × 1275px × 2450px
Power supply200-240VAC, 1ph (50/60HZ), 3amps

How much does a dry ice blasting cleaning machine cost?

The price factor when evaluating the investment cost of a dry ice blasting machine, the primary consideration is whether or not its initial purchase price fits into our financial budget.

Thankfully, Shuliy Machinery is a dry ice machine manufacturer, we can offer our customers dry ice blasting machines at more favorable and competitive prices. This direct sales approach often significantly reduces the cost of purchase for customers, allowing even high-performance, high-quality dry ice machines to fall within the budgets of more businesses.

For specific price inquiries, it is wise to contact the machine manufacturer directly for a customized quote, contact us via WhatsApp, or leave your messages on our website, we will contact you in 24 hours.

Dry ice blasting machine accessories

Dry ice blasting machines are usually equipped with a range of specialized accessories to ensure their efficient operation, these include but are not limited to:

  • Dry ice guns and nozzles: Used to mix dry ice pellets with compressed air and then blast them at high speeds onto the surface to be cleaned to achieve a decontamination effect. Nozzles are available in a variety of designs to suit different cleaning needs and surface characteristics.
  • Low-temperature hose: rubber low-temperature ice blasting hose is low-temperature resistant, abrasion-resistant and pressure-resistant. It is used to connect the various components to ensure that the dry ice state is stable throughout the delivery process.
  • Seals and other low-temperature-resistant materials: to ensure that the equipment can still maintain good sealing and stability at extremely low temperatures.
  • Spare parts for wear and tear: such as cryoprotective gloves, goggles, seals, etc.

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