Unique application of dry ice machine for wedding stage

Creating a smoke effect with dry ice on the wedding scene can add color to the whole stage. As the price of dry ice for weddings is not high, it is loved by many people, today we will introduce to you the application of the dry ice machine for wedding stage.

Why do people like using dry ice pellets for wedding?

  • Unique visual effect: The smoke effect created by the dry ice machine for wedding will present a fascinating visual effect in the light, adding drama and artistry to the wedding venue.
  • No Residue: Dry ice smoke leaves no residue after it dissipates, and won’t damage the venue or cause cleaning headaches.
  • Safety: The smoke uses dry ice pellets or cubes as the raw material and does not produce harmful fumes.

Principle of dry ice machine for wedding stage

The staff on the wedding stage puts the dry ice pellets into a heated machine, the dry ice sublimates and absorbs heat to become a gas, which is then sprayed out of the pipes of the machine, condensing the water around it into a smoky mist, which then flows downward onto the wedding performance stage. As the specific gravity of carbon dioxide is 1.5 times higher than that of the air, it creates a low smoky mist that envelops the entire stage, and this is how dry ice is used in weddings.

Shuliy Machinery provides professional dry ice machines for weddings, including dry ice pellet making machine and dry ice block machine, both of them can produce high-quality dry ice for wedding needs.